Pet Memorials

My sweet boy. I miss you so much. You were such a great fur baby and my best friend. I love you! Staci

Coors Davis

7/2015 - 10/2015
So small, but had such a big spot in our hearts and will never be forgotten.
We love you and miss you so much!
Amanda & Sarah

Kilroy Barksdale

"Kilroy" Barksdale
Kilroy was with us only 3 years but he greatly enriched us with his sweet personality. He will be missed tremendously!
-Steven & Debbie Barksdale-

"Dixie" Irwin - 15 years

Chihuahua/Miniature Pincher Mix - Our sweet little Dixie, you were loving, loyal and a strong little warrior! You are greatly missed already
—Charisse Irwin

Saydee was a beloved member of our family and will be greatly missed. She was no different then the rest of her pack (the human family). She had her spot on the couch where she liked to sit with her front leg up on the arm rest watching TV or just hanging out with the family. She enjoyed car rides in the front seat, playing catch, getting wet, belly scratches, kisses, french fries and carrots....oh, how she loved carrots! She grew up with five human siblings and through her ten short years Saydee willingly and happily endured tail tugs, ear pulls, "horsey rides" and playing dress-up. She was such a sweet and loving friend. Even in the end when she suffered the most she never was without her smile and her happy wagging tail. She was and always will be the greatest girl ever! Be at peace Saydee Girl. 3/28/2005 - 7/16/2015

I recently lost my kitty, Tiggie on Feb 3rd due to tongue cancer. My heart still aches for her, and there's a big hole in my lifeā€¦.but I do have wonderful memories of my sweet girl.
—Cindy Mattern